Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What we are fighting

Photo from Reuters

This photo was snapped outside the Israeli consulate in New York.

Notice the sign in the background. It says "Islam will Dominate" and has a picture of the White House with a Muslim flag flying over it.

Also note the swastika inside the Star of David on the poster in the foreground. These people are not in the Middle East. These are people living on the east side. These are Americans or at least immigrants.

Just think about it: Islam will dominate. Islam will dominate.

Do you want that to happen?

This war is not about Muslim poverty, Palestinian rights, or the War on Terror. It is about a bunch on 7th century perverts trying to assuage their thousand year old humiliation by the West. I await the voice of moderate Muslims to silence these people, but I am beginning to suspect that all adherents of Islam are nothing more than mindless savages.

Islam will Dominate.