Thursday, July 13, 2006

Angry rant #131

No links here baby.

I want to rant for a little while about the whole situation in the Middle East. Folks, I am sorry to say this, but we are seeing the beginning of World War III. The Hitler of this war is of course the lovely president of Iran. I think his name is Frank or Steve or something like that. It is obvious to anyone that he is the one provoking all this.

Of course there has been the usual chorus of libs and Dims on TV with the same talking points. They all claim that Iraq has sapped our strength and made us unable to deal with Iran and North Korea. We all know that if the US had attacked Iran rather than Iraq all the libs would be yelling" why did you go after Iran when Saddam is the bigger threat?" Same goes for if we had attacked North Korea.

The simple point is that we are faced with three dangerous foes just like in the 40's. The difference is that our allies lack the spine necessary to take on these threats. The Brits are a sad shadow of their former selves. The French have never been much use in anything more violent than an orderly surrender. The Germans have become nothing more than a loose collection of porn addicts, socialists, and nihilists.

The only way to wake up the sniffling hordes of Europe would be for a nuclear bomb to detonate in one of their cities. Most of them believe that the terrorists have a beef with the US and that they are safely under the radar. This is not true. The rage over the Danish cartoons is proof of their hatred of the West. The jihad will reach the shores of Norway, Ireland, and Brazil eventually. I know Brazil is not in Europe but I guarantee that soon you will see Islamic terror cells cropping up in South America. This war is not about Palestine, the US War on Terror, or poverty in the Middle East. This is about jihad. Our enemies want to make a world wide caliphate.

The stakes are clear people. There is no room for negotiation. The survival of the West is at stake.

The West needs to invade Muslim countries and bring order. We need to go Roman on their asses. If they resist then we destroy every bit of infrastructure, kill all who get in our way, destroy their shrines, and salt the very earth on which they stand. Either we end the war our way or it will be ended for us.