Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dim party is just like a smoothie...

...full of fruits, but may be bad for you.

Actually the story is about the hazards of fruit smoothies, but I could not resist the joke.

Hey I am weak.

Your humble WordBearer does not go in for all this health food stuff. I know many of you, I'm looking in your direction Ox, are into that tofu, fauxfu, organic hippie crap. Give me some good old fashioned genetically altered, pesticide soaked, omnivorous corn to your fairy tomatoes that will lower your testosterone. It starts with organic strawberries and ends with you and your life partner strapping on your fanny packs and going out to buy a Chinese Crested.

Once I did go to one of those smoothie places. Here is dramatization of that event.

Cute Juice Girl: "Would you like to try our new Pina Colada flavored smoothie sir?"

WordBearer: "How much rum is in it?"

Cute Juice Girl: "None, it is healthy and will help you live longer."

WordBearer: "No thanks then, I'm going the other way on that."

Hey at least I did not ask her : "Do you come with the drink?"

Go about your day with happiness my friends.