Friday, July 07, 2006

Op-eds, man I love them

Time for a round up of some of my favorite writers. Take these pieces of wisdom as a gift.

1. Walter Williams asks "Who is to blame" for the low scores of black students in the public education system.

He puts an awful of blame on teachers. I would have placed more. The vast majority of public school teachers are lazy, poorly educated, full of liberal idiocy, and frankly worthless. There are many good ones, but the system they work in confounds any attempts at greatness.

I have little more than contempt for most public educators. They are the clergy of the Church of Liberalism. They do not teach children about truth, but more often teach them about "tolerance", "open mindedness", and other stupid catchphrases that simply hide the truth behind their teachings. I'm tired of teachers being immune from criticism. All we hear about is how underpayed and underappreciated they are. Neither of those are true of course.

To all teachers out there listen up. The time has come to justify your existence. Supporting education does not mean that we have to support you without question. If you don't like the pay, get another job.

If yall are doing such a bang up job why do American children's scores decline after spending time in the public school system?

American preschoolers start school with high IQs and in the 4th grade perform better than the children of all countries except Japan and South Korea. The more time they spend in the public school system the lower their scores become.

The greatest criminals in history have been teachers.

2. Thomas Sowell meanders along a similar path.

3. Denis Boyles takes on the poll cited below.

He makes a good point. Why should we care? The Brits, along with the rest of Europe, are poorly educated and he claims Britain is on the verge of being without an educated elite.

4. Jay Nordlinger's wide ranging Impromptus column should be regularly read by all of you.