Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nobles, Knaves, and those in between

The Washington Times Nobles and Knaves column is something everyone of you should be reading by now.

This week they hail Sheriff Fred Wegener for his guts in ordering a SWAT raid during the standoff at Platte County High School. I think he made the right decision considering the guy inside was a murderous pedophile.

They also castigate the liberal bloggers who are using lies and doctored photos to besmirch Michelle Malkin.

Little question: Why do liberals always level their attacks against conservative women it the most base and sexual manner?

Are they so out of touch with reality that they can not see that not every woman thinks that the way of life endorsed by Sex and the City is good for the soul?

Now to those of us in between.

Law school is going well for me. I am really interested in criminal law and civil procedure.
I am working hard and my personal life is suffering. Still it is not like there is much there to suffer anyway.

Everyone keeps telling me the same thing: Once you get out of law school the ladies will be all over you.

I find this statement quite disheartening. Implicit in this statement is the fact that a woman is not going to love me for my winning personality or looks, but because there is a chance that I will be economically successful.

For me this is unsettling. It seems that I am condemned to a future of loveless sex, hedonism, depravity, and moral emptiness....wait a my future is starting to look pretty good.

Seriously though, I have always wanted to be appreciated for being me, but it looks like that has always been a pipe dream.

Sigh...Jack Daniels will save me.

Night everyone.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Future headline: Mutant space vegetables attack Shanghai

The Chinese are sending seeds into space to expose them to cosmic radiation.

Supposedly, past Chinese experiments of this nature have led to higher yields of both rice and wheat. Mark my words, this will go horribly ary. This reminds me of the beginning of a 1950's horror movie. All that is missing is maniacal laughter.

My question: Where are all the environmentalists?

Everytime a biologist at Harvard changes a strand of corn DNA that makes it more likely to survive a drought, all the Pinks, Reds, and Greens go ballistic with hysterical screams and issue dire warnings about "Frankenfood." I always thought that was what a cannibal in the Air America studio could expect.

This is very different from genetically altering crops in a lab. In a lab the work is more controlled and the outcomes can be reasonably anticipated.

The Chinese experiment sounds more like a random roll of the dice to me.

Of course we all know why the libs are not upset over this: The experiment is being conducted by Communists.

The whole reason they oppose ADM altering crops is because they hate business, profit, and anything that is not a collective. The whole environmental movement is just a cover for the neo-Bolsheviks.

Still the sci-fi lover in me hopes this does go badly. I have always wanted to battle mutants in an post-apocalyptic warzone .