Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where the welfare state leads

This is the sort of country the Dims want to create.

A family where three generations have lived on the dole. I am sure there are examples of this here in the United States. Any inner city ghetto will provide you with ample evidence.

This story is the perfect microcosm of the cultural sickness that socialism and rampant leftism breeds.

No where in this story do the people mention not being able to find a job. They all just want to be lazy or simply did not like working. Where is the shame?

I love this line from one of these deadbeats: "It's my right to claim benefits. We're all entitled to do what we want in life. "

That line sums up the lie of modernity. Implicit in this is the Rosseauian idea of self fulfillment and authenticity being the highest goals of man. We are not entitled to do what we want in life. We must conform in some ways to society. In order for society to function, people must work.

The heartbreaking thing is how these people have little to no ambition outside of living on the dole.

During the New Deal, many people, including FDR, argued that those without the adequate means to live are not free. The reasoning was that if you could free these people from want, they would be just like the rest of society. The reality was that it enslaved those it was supposed to set free. It unleashed a blight of shiftlessness and laziness onto the people.

The reformers thought that they would remove the prisons of economics with generous payouts and social security checks. All they did was replace those prisons with prisons of the mind. They trapped people in poverty and blinded them to the higher aspirations. All these people want is government housing. At least the plebs of Rome only demanded bread and circuses.

Geraldine Ferraro: The Devil made me say it.

Rich Lowry asks: Was the firing of Geraldine a slap in the face to the Italian-American community?

I am still at a loss to understand Barack Obama. First of all, I am glad that the religious revival aspect of his campaign seems to have died off. A messiah is only as good as his last miracle and Barack has yet to deliver one.

I think that the religious aspect of his campaign says more about the sickness and spiritual emptinesss of our times than it does about any inherit virtue in Obama. We live in an age in which most children receive little or no religious training. Add to this the rejection of philosophy and the acceptance of psychology and sociology as the saving ideas of our times and you have a recipe for this sort of thing.

We have been deluded into thinking that the big questions are either irrelevant or nonexistent. Children are not taught to examine their natures for meaning. They are told that whatever they feel must be authentic and therefore good. But the new ways are not superior to the old. People are not insulated by the new ideas from seeking a genuine religious experience. They just do not understand what one is anymore. They confuse politics for religion and a superficial illogical compassion for piety.

I guess what makes me wary of Obama is his demand that we all must unite behind him and a hackneyed left wing ideology that has done nothing but fail. I am not going to unify with people I disagree with just to get along.

What is to happen to those of us who refuse to follow Obamchrist to the new Promised Land of socialized medicine and racial grievances for all? Are we to be marginalized? Do our opinions stop counting?

An Obama presidency will not end the racial strife in America. He will only exacerbate it. What will his loyal lap dogs in the media say when his plans and bills are defeated in the House and Senate? We all know that racism will be blamed.