Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 predictions

Well in a hat tip to our personal favorite, The National Review, we decided to make a few predictions about what will occur in America and the world in the new year. I personally guarantee that all the predictions I make will come true. If they don't feel free to call me on it...and then I will have you destroyed.

In 2006...

Nancy Pelosi will finally be outed as a robot.

OBL will continue his four year streak of being dead.

A cash strapped Al Jazzerra will hire a Jewish accountant to be its CEO. He will be beheaded the next day in a prime time special. The show will win an Emmy.

The term "scapegoat" will be banned as offensive to animals after a massive global campaign mounted by PETA, the ASPCA, and Greenpeace. It will be replaced by the new politically correct term "scape conservative".

Adult entertainment will once again include such activities as discussing the great books, debating issues of public merit, and smoking fine cigars.

Republicans will enlarge their majority in the House by five seats. The NY Times will declare it a "disappointing performance for the GOP".

The newly married Elton John will be declared the UN's ambassador for Gay Rights. He immediately jets off to Saudi Arabia to promote the homosexual agenda in the Middle East. He will be publicly executed on Al Jazzerra. His final screams of agony will win a Grammy.

Britney Spears will get a divorce. Three weeks later she will remarry and become Mrs. Vanilla Ice.

Representative Barney Frank announces that the whole gay thing was just a way for him to "pick up chicks."

John Wayne will rise from the grave. He will not be happy.

In an effort to curb skyrocketing rates of sexually transmitted disease, VH1 changes its name to VDH1

Torn between a life of hedonistic self-indulgence or self-sacrifice and virtue, a young man will choose the latter.

In an effort to reach out to conservatives the Washington Post will stop suggesting that they are all inbred.

Pigs will continue their plans for eventual global domination.

Senator Robert Byrd will submit a bill to have the state of West Virginia renamed "Robert Byrd's Personal Billboard." He will then open his own themepark called "Klandemonium."

Harvard University professors will embark on a crusade to update the Scriptures. The cities of Sodom and Gamorrah will be renamed "San Sodomsico" and Gamovegas". The book of Genesis will be rewritten on the model of an old episode of Friends that was slightly funny. The Book of Job will be omitted because "it is such a bummer." A new verse will be added to the Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are the Democrats for they bring Peace.

Well lets hear some of your predictions!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Iraqi people continue to astound me

The UK Times has an excellent story about the Baghdad Music and Ballet School.

The fact that elements of high culture are still alive in this war torn country speak volumes for the endurance of the human spirit.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

US builds wall to keep in East Berliners

supposedly our wall along the Mexican border is as bad as the Berlin Wall.

Rich Lowry points out that it is being built by a democratic free nation that wishes to protect its borders while the other was built to keep oppressed serfs from getting any "reactionary" notions.

Of course the Mexican government is up in arms:

Mexican President Vicente Fox denounced the U.S. measures, passed by the House
of Representatives on Friday, as "shameful" and his foreign secretary, Luis
Ernesto Derbez, said Monday the wall was "stupid."

When did the US cede its right to protect its borders? Where is the law that makes it America's responsibility to employ everyone who wants to cross the border?

Of course the manner in which we treat Mexicans crossing our southern border is much better than how Mexico treats those crossing hers.

One of the arguments I hate to hear in opposition to border fences is: "If you are really interested in protecting our borders why don't you advocate the building of a wall along the border with Canada?"

Normally this is followed by a smug little smile because they think they have not only destroyed the premise of your argument, but also revealed you as a racist.

The answer is simple though: The Canadian government does not have a vested interest in the illegal migration of its people to the US. The Mexican government does.

The real problem is the culture of corruption that plagues the Mexican government. Lets just face facts, Mexico, nation rich in resources, is in poverty because its corrupt government does not wish to change. It is much easier to just send those potential troublemakers north to America than to de-socialize their economy. The added bonus of this is that those people will send their money back to family in Mexico which will artificially boost the Mexican economy and keep those who stay behind from agitating for change.

What has always struck me as insincere is the argument that America could not function without the low-paid labor of illegal immigrants. In fact this argument could be construed as an argument in support of slavery. It logically follows that the US can only survive with the labor of a poorly treated and compensated underclass with little or no legal status.

"But WordBearer", my New Left friend would say, "if we just granted them legal rights and protections, like the right to minimum wages, we could avoid this pressuption."

"That is a non-starter argument" I would retort. "The sole benefit that can be gleaned from allowing unfettered illegal immigration is the fact that they do not have to be paid the same wages as American citizens. If they received all the benefits one must confer on a citizen employee, then why not just hire a citizen?"

It would be easier to hire citizens. American citizens, even those willing to work for low wages, will be much better educated than the vast majority of those crossing the border. Additionally, they will speak English. That is the biggest plus for jobs in our service oriented economy.

The other argument that there are some jobs that Americans won't do is also hollow. If employers had jobs that they could not fill with workers they would either have to raise the wages they offer, or they would have to find another way to produce their goods. So the choice is either to help America's poor with better wages or to allow innovation to take shape.

I realize that the higher wages of American workers might push up the costs, but more mechanization would push prices down. Besides, paying illegals the same as citizens would also drive up prices. The money lost by our economy due to increased social services to illegals would also be recouped if we did more to stop the flow of illegals the border.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Dims not committed to victory.

That is the only conclusion that one can draw from this article.

Notice that Pelosi did not even caveat by adding that the Dims were even committed to winning the war. Her comment was:

Democrats should not seek a unified position on an exit strategy in Iraq,
calling the war a matter of individual conscience and saying differing positions
within the caucus are a source of strength for the party.

What if some Dims "individual conscience" is to see America, and in their eyes George W. Bush, defeated? The logical inference one can see is that it is perfectly probable that some Dims do not favor a US victory. There is not a single shred of evidence in the article that they at least grant that the US winning in Iraq is a good thing.

The entire piece shows how illogical the Dims are. Pelosi actually believes they will retake the House. Not very probable from my point of view. She must be looking at the low approval ratings Congress is getting. Of course Congress always has low approval ratings. In the Public Opinion class I took that was one of our first lessons. People Always rate Congress very low, but their Congressman very high.

Is this exploitation...

...or just plain delightful?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Global Warming clearing house.

Great place I just discovered for all the facts on global warming. Hope I am not muscling in on the Ox's territory.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Where have all the fatties gone?

America is now paying the price for the low-fat lunches and children's yoga classes that every "Progressive" parent seems to force on their kids. Now Scotland's youth have passed those of the good old Red, White, and Blue for the world's most obese.

This turnaround can be contributed to the fact that Deep Fried Mars Bars have apparently replaced Haggis as the national dish of Scotland.

More African-American Homeschoolers

The NY Times has an interesting article on the emerging trend of Black parents teaching their kids at home.

I found some of the reasons given interesting:

Ms. Armstrong said she wanted her children to have a "moral Judeo-Christian
foundation" that public schools could not provide.

What a wonderful quote. I went to a public school where the whole idea that Judeo-Christian values might be a good thing seemed verbotten.

Another gem:

"You do what you have to do that your children get an excellent education," she
said. "Don't leave it up to the system."

What a great idea...self-reliance. Wonder if it could possibly work?

Of course there is your standard NY Times caveat:

But, in the long run, protecting their own children may even lead to worse
conditions for the vast majority of students who stay in public schools, and
that's a horrible dilemma.

Why is it a horrible dilemma? The only thing a parent can hope for is to protect their own children. To ask that every parent keep their kids in broken schools for the sake of more social experimentation is idiototic.

Additionally, why is there no evidence offered to reinforce the point? Why would parents taking their kids out of public schools make it worse for the other students? If anything it should be beneficial. Less pupils means that teachers can spend more time with those that need it. We are always hearing that teachers are "overwhelmed" (which I never bought) and that they need smaller classes. I know that some might say that it means less money for the schools, which is true, but that is because there are fewer students. Why not just stop graduating kids? If they all were forced to stay in school longer that would mean more money for the school. It is a non-starter argument.

The whole point of this part of the article is to plant doubt into a story that otherwise presents a very positive picture of American parents doing what every parent should do: lookout for their kid's future.

Friday, December 09, 2005

So funny because it will probably be true.

My local Fox network runs a Simpsons episode at 6:30 everynight. I had seen tonight's episode before, but one line from it had previously escaped my notice.

The episode is set in the future and at one point Lisa, who is preparing to go to Yale, mutters the following line: "I am so glad Yale has finally banned men from studying science. Now what will I take galgebra or femology?"

I'm sure that soon, because of the FemiFascists who are slowly destroying the American man, a situation like this will come to be.

But I thought they only wanted peace?

This gives the lie to the idea that the Palestinians only seek peaceful coexistence with the Jews.

Ok here is a comparison:

Under Truce - You get Gaza back

When supporting terror against the Jews - The IDF rains death on your leadership

The story claims that it was due to the fact "Israel killed a military leader in November."

But of course this is misleading. The Israeli attack was provoked by a suicide bombing that took the lives of six Jews in a market. Apparently a "truce" with Hamas does not preclude suicide bombings.

Here I was thinking that we had no allies.

Apparently our "unilateral" action isn't what it seems. Our Eastern European allies see their commitment to our mission on Iraq as worthwhile.

Just check out this statement from the Polish Defense Minister Radek Sikorski:

We are there because of our investment in a strong U.S.-Polish relationship. We
want to show the United States we will be with them when we are needed," he
said. "To that extent, we have done what we hoped to do."

This guy gets it. He understands that the forces that oppressed his nation lie in the ashheap of history because for fifty years, the US stood on the wall and vanquished the "inevitable" triumph of Marxism.

Brings tears to my eyes. Long Live Poland, Georgia, and the Ukraine.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A hearty dinner for the cold

Tonight I prepared one of my favorite cold weather meals: Slum

My grandmother claims to have invented it out of necessity. Seems she was low on grocery money, so she made this by combining what she had on hand. Her she is.

One of those giant cans (can't remember the size) of Tomato juice
one pound of ground beef
two cans of Ranch style beans
two cans of Spanish rice
salt, pepper, garlic powder

Brown the seasoned hamburger meat in a large pot; drain off grease. Combine rice, tomato juice, and beans with the meat, then simmer for 15 minutes. Eat it with saltines.

This meal will defiantly stick to your ribs. It is very similar to chili, but I like it a little better. Well enjoy the food and the cold weather.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Saddam to court: "Go to Hell"; Court to Saddam: "You first"

Saddam Says He Won't Attend 'Unjust Court'

This is from a man who really knows his unjust courts.

Saddam, adequately represented by American traitor Ramsey Clark, has vowed not to show up to court anymore. Big yawn from me. His presence is moot. The Iraqis will convict him and execute him. As far as I am concerned it is what he deserves.

I just want to know when we can try Gorbachev for the crimes committed by the USSR under his rule. This man headed the greatest organized killing machine in human history and now spends his time picking up Nobel Prizes and living free and clear. Ironically this is the type of existence he denied millions.

Do it for the Children

The National Review has given this book a lot of play, but I want to recommend it to everyone...especially as a Christmas gift for your favorite Che-wearing, bong-water reeking, Solstice celebrating hippie cousin.

Some Leftists are up in arms about it, which just shows that they have no sense of humor. How are they going to feel the book I hope to write after Hillary gets elected: Help Mommy there are Commies in the White House!

Look for it in Summer 2009.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pack it in Bush, Leo is making a movie

DiCaprio joins tide turning against Bush over Kyoto

The first paragraph starts out so hopeful:

"From film stars to senators, from Seattle to the East Coast, campaigners say
American public opinion on climate change is turning sharply against the Bush
administration and its refusal to impose binding targets to reduce greenhouse

Wow public opinion is changing...I need to read this story. Of course you don't get far in before you realize that they offer you absolutely no evidence that this is the case. Not a single source is quoted or opinion poll cited to show the the American public is actually buying the EnviroFascist's agenda.

The entire argument rest upon the fact that some Senators, mayors, and Leo Dicaprio believe the tripe about man-made climate change. This is illogical tripe at its best. When did any of these people begin to speak for public opinion as a whole? Why is there no mention that none of the European nations have implemented Kyoto? Why is America the only supposed polluter when China is home to the seven most polluted cities in the world?

The Ox needs to jump on this one.

Castro calls Jeb "Fatty"; Jeb calls Castro "Commie"

Don't know about yall, but I prefer the former to the latter.

Dean calls war unwinnable; cheers heard in Tehran

Dean pulled a Cronkite yesterday. The only logical implication one can draw from this pronouncement it that the Dims really do want to cut and run. If the war is unwinnable then that is the only logical conclusion. For the sake of righting a wrong we should also put Saddam back on his throne and promise him American aid in buying his gential shocking batteries. Does Dean or any of his colleauges seem to realize we have toppled one of the worst regimes in a region known for the brutality of its governments, installed a fledgling democracy, and did this with less than 3,000 dead. A little perspective is required here. If Dean had been alive in the 40's he would have seen the news of the Battle of the Bulge and declared Hitler invincible.

I on the other hand believe that Iraq is going to turn out alright. Just study American history and you will realize that moving to a conseual and free government is a hard task to under take, but the Iraqis are doing a pretty good job.

For further info see Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Suggested Christmas Gifts

Today kiddies your humble WordBearer will offer up a few gift suggestions for the up coming Christmas season. Most of them will be books because I believe that the best gift anyone can ever give is a book. I get positively excited when I get something new to read.

1. Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism - Joshua Muravchik provides a wonderfully researched and highly engaging history of the meteoric rise, and catastrophic collapse of the religion of Socialism. Muravchik is a former Chairmen of the Young Socialist League who saw the light and renounced his former faith.

The book is a little dry in the initial chapters, but once one gets to his chapters on Lenin and Mao, the book comes into its own.

I found the chapter on the Jewish Kibbutz system interesting in that I had little experience with the institution. It also provided useful fodder for frequent arguments I engage in with all the unreformed Marxists that pervade my campus. The Kibbutz proves that even when pulled off peacefully, Socialism does not work.

2. A Christmas Story - Probably the best Christmas movie I have ever watched. A heart of stone is required for one not to love this movie.

The story centers on the life of a young boy named Ralphie living in the late 40's. His heart's one desire is a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. His quest for this "gift of gifts" is great. The movie is populated with characters everyone can relate to and is the perfect film to watch with the family.

3. The Republic - Plato's best known dialogue has given me many sleepless nights with its plethora of riddles and problems. It is the best place to start if one seeks to get in touch with Western philosophical traditions. Bloom's translation is the one I was trained on, and I find it superior to the others I have since encountered.

4. Bias - Bernard Goldberg seminal look at the bias in the American media.

His take is fresh and it makes you pity the poor dolts in the MSM who don't seem to even realize they are biased. I love this book.

5. Death in the Long Grass - Peter Capstick's great collection of tales from his experiences as a professional hunter in Africa. The book is broken down into chapters centered around stories about specific animals such as lions, elephants, and leopards.

Capstick's prose is breathtaking and makes the reader feel the heat of the African sun, the cold steel of a loaded barrel, and the pounding fear that a maneater is right around the next tree.

I find that kids really love these stories. They are a far better representation of the behavior of African wildlife than they get in their P.C. documentaries.

Capstick will have you looking over your shoulder at times to ensure that a lion is not about to pounce on you. You will never feel the same in the zoo after this book.

6. The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism - Leo Strauss' great series of essays that tackle a variety of subjects pertaining to political philosophy. I particularly like the one entitled "The Problem of Socrates". Great gift for anyone who loves philosophy.

7. Cromwell - Ok I must admit that I have a soft-spot for Oliver Cromwell. I simply find him to be one of histories most fascinating and misunderstood figures. Richard Harris's portrayal of him in this film is at times a little to rosey, but I find the finally scene to be a perfect lesson on how the anarchy caused by a corrupt legislator can lead to despotism. Gives me shivers with every viewing.

8. Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power - I have read this book about eight times and still can't get enough of it. Hanson has a writing style that keeps the reader thristing for more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A solution for the Middle East that I like

I think that this would be a better way to appeal to the regions youth than Britney Spears. In fact I think that every American politician, when abroad, should be forced to apologize to the world for not smothering Spears, Paris Hilton, and Kelly Osbourne in their cribs. We would be much better off than we are now.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Movie Reviews.

Figured I would offer up my assessments of some of the movies I have seen during the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Jarhead: Two exasperated thumbs down.

I thought this movie would have it all. The trailer was almost perfectly crafted, the cast was stellar, and the subject was topical. But it was all for naught. Probably one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. If you wanted an anti-war film you left disappointed, if you wanted a pro-war film you left disappointed. I understand a nuanced approach, but I just felt like the film said nothing important.

Jake Gyllenhaal's performance was wooden and possessed none of the sparkle he showed in October Sky. Jamie Fox was a shining light in the movie and reminded everyone how much he deserved that Oscar.

The tag line of "Welcome to the Suck" seemed all too appropriate for Jarhead.

2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Two even more emphatic thumbs down.

As a massive Harry Potter fan, I had such high hopes for this film. After being extremely disappointed by The Prisoner of Azkaban, I anticipated that the new directing style of Mike Newell would take the film back in the direction of the first two. Alas he seemed to just rewarm the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The acting seemed unnecessarily over the top at times and Michael Gambon became less convincing as Dumbledore with each passing scene.

3. Just Friends: Two thumbs up.

This is not your typical gross out holiday movie, and that is a pleasant surprise. The jokes are well timed and the fight scenes between Chris (Ryan Reynolds) and Mike (Christopher Marquette) are so well done that they must have been impromptu.

Reynolds plays the ugly (and fat) duckling with an unrequited love for his best friend Jamie, who is the most popular girl in school. After an embarrassing post-Graduation party, Chris flees his small New Jersey town for LA where he becomes a powerful, cold-hearted, womanizing record executive. Trapped in his small town after a flight mishap, he seeks to get the girl he has obsessed over for the last ten years. What follows is a hodgepodge of misadventures that ends with the typical Hollywood ending.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone over 13 this holiday season.

Well that is it. See you all soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Walter Williams on Europe's economy

Walter Williams' latest column on the economies of Europe is hot off the metaphorical presses.

His abuse of the hysterical woman-masquerading as a man Paul Krugman just makes my day. I'm glad that you now have to pay for the editorial page of The New York Pravda. Now we can guarantee that some unsuspecting innocent is not poisoned by his lack of insight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just a Holiday Reminder

While you are sitting down with your family to gorge on the traditional turkey, just realize how many we are sending to the Middle East for our men, whose family's will have to suffer an empty spot at the table.

Hold hands with your loved ones and pray for them, and that a brighter world comes from their sacrifices.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Something that really gets my goat

In a figurative sense. I don't own a goat...anymore.

Anyway, stories like this leave me perplexed. He caps her, withholds medical attention for six days, then to cap it all off she still wants to marry him. This just boggles my mind. Obviously, the man is callous, murderous, and a lousy shot to boot, but she still thinks he is quite a catch.

You want to know why this really upsets me. Idiots like this can get women, while nice, decent guys such as yours truly are left to shiver alone in the long winter nights. Its like all those women one sees on Cops who are being beaten by their husbands/boyfriends/lovers, but still go back to their abusers. Just goes to show that humans do not always act rationally.

I'm a decent looking guy (stop laughing) and recently I have struck out more times than the Astros in Game Four of the Series. Inexplicable.

Oh well I will leave you tonight to go shiver alone once more.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Update: Dims still have no convictions

Well at least none they will use as a basis for voting. Earlier I commented on the resolution calling for a withdrawl from Iraq, and noted how the Demokrats refused to vote their convictions.

Apparantly I am on the same page as Paul Mirengoff from the Weekly Standard. His excellent article can be found here.

The only conclusions one can draw from their actions are:

1. They have no convictions, and operate totally out of political self interest.
2. Their real beliefs are so out of the mainstream that they are not willing to back them up with a recorded vote.

How dare you use weapons to kill murderers

The UK Independent is in hysterics over the British use of cluster bombs in Iraq.

The tone of the story is what upsets me. It seems to treat the problem of unexploded ordinance as something that has only come about after the evil invasion of Iraq.

Of course anyone who does even a cursory investigation would realize this problem is nothing new. Unexploded ordinance from World War 2 still litters Europe. I guess we have to be held accountable for using dangerous weapons to destroy Fascism in Europe.

The real motive behind this story is that the Independent is upset we are in Iraq at all. There is not a single mention of all the ordinance Saddam's government left laying around the country. I am sure that more Iraqi civilians have died from Saddam's arsenal than from the British. How about even a mention that those weapons ended the reign of terror of a regime that was filling mass graves faster than they could be dug.?

Of course to report that would endanger their precious objectivity.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick Blogging today

I have been working on a paper this weekend so my blogging has had to suffer, but I just wanted to give a little attention to my favorite running feature in any newspaper in the country.

The Washington Times Nobles & Knaves section is updated every week and is one of the most interesting reads one can get out of any paper.

This week's highlighted the continuing idiocy that pervades our college campuses. I am on the front line of that fight and I can assure you, it is even worse than you hear.

Of course I don't always agree with the Times choice of Knaves. I personally think that Ted "Look at me swim" Kennedy and Michael "I think I'll have some" Moore should be standing Knaves.

These guys should also be tapped in order to help solve the American energy crunch. I defy anyone to point out two men who produce more hot air.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Put your vote where your mouth is.

That was what the Republicans told the Dims today. This was the perfect opportunity for the libs to take back their votes on Iraq. Of course they did not because they lack the courage of their convictions. They want to be on the record supporting the war, but still be able to huff and puff about "Bush's lies" in front of rallies.

If Bush really lied they should not be ashamed to rescind their votes. There is nothing shameful about retracting an action made on false premises. But in their hearts they know that Bush didn't lie, and that he had the same info that they had.

The Dims called it a stunt, but what about their demands that the Senate operate in a closed session? What about all the threatened filibusters of judges? These were stunts designed to fire up the moonbats and Sheehanaholics.

If you will excuse me I need to go spend some time in the "Angry Dome."

Reagan's Legacy

I have always had an inordinate admiration for Reagan, and darn it, I am just sick of his record being maligned.

I was watching one of those annoyingly long winded libs give a speech at some hippie/commie meeting on CSPAM the other day and was startled by the hatred the Left still has for the Gipper. Basically the Commissar stood on a stage surrounded by the same old Marxists who were dropping LSD and burning draft cards 30 years ago spouting the same old lies about Reagan while the moonbats tittered with glee.

If I wanted to listen to uninformed illogical Commies spout mindless drival to a braindead audience, I would attend class more often.

For my money I prefer the real Reagan record to hyperbole.

Would you like fries with that lie?

Christopher Hitchens hits the Left here on their criticism of the war in Iraq. Everyone knows that if we had not invaded Iraq the DemoKrats would be screaming that we were not doing enough to promote democracy in the world. Of course the Dims have never really supported democracy, as their failure to support Reagan against the USSR in the 80's illustrates. Still you would think that these paragons of virtue would at least be happy that Iraqis can vote.

The gift every Socialist should have

Has this ever happened to you? You just can't decide what to get your favorite progressive cannabis loving relatives for KwanzMas. The shame that one feels when that day comes and everyone is passing around the KwanzMas Toad, taking turns licking it, and lo and behold...there is no present from you to Uncle Sunshine or Aunt Steve. Everyone looks at you through their dilated pupils and they never visited the gift shop.

But what should one get for those lovers of equality, tolerance (except for all those damn Christians), peace (except for all those damn Jews), and non-violence? They already have the "Bush Lied, Kittens Died" and "Cindy Sheehan for God" bumperstickers. Their collection of hemp Che t-shirts is fully up-to-date. They have plenty of foodstamps.

Well no need to fret this year. The People's Cube solves all your problems. Finally a completely egalitarian game that makes sure no one feels left out and removes all those subversive capitalist notions of fun. Buy yours today and help the Revolution.

Day one...

Well I finally jumped into the frightening world of the blog. Figured I should get in on the action. Everyone else seems to have a blog and if my time in the gulag that is the American public school system taught me anything, it is that one should always follow the crowd. Plus I know bloggers are despised by the MSM because well...we can tell the truth about them.

Warning: I will be posting frequent rants about politics, the idiocy of DemoKrats, the spinelessness of Republicans, and the perfidy of the Bible-burning, dissent squashing, murdering thug-loving Commies that call themselves educators.

Therefore, Cry Ho and let slip the dog of blogs.

Viva la Blogger revolution.