Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dean calls war unwinnable; cheers heard in Tehran

Dean pulled a Cronkite yesterday. The only logical implication one can draw from this pronouncement it that the Dims really do want to cut and run. If the war is unwinnable then that is the only logical conclusion. For the sake of righting a wrong we should also put Saddam back on his throne and promise him American aid in buying his gential shocking batteries. Does Dean or any of his colleauges seem to realize we have toppled one of the worst regimes in a region known for the brutality of its governments, installed a fledgling democracy, and did this with less than 3,000 dead. A little perspective is required here. If Dean had been alive in the 40's he would have seen the news of the Battle of the Bulge and declared Hitler invincible.

I on the other hand believe that Iraq is going to turn out alright. Just study American history and you will realize that moving to a conseual and free government is a hard task to under take, but the Iraqis are doing a pretty good job.

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