Monday, November 20, 2006

They took something so innocent and made it dirty

Peace activists (a.k.a. pussies and cowards mostly) are promoting a "Global Orgasm for Peace Day"

Why do people on the Left think that they will achieve something with the meaningless gesture?

These people have a deep misunderstanding of the world. This situation relates to the "Make Love Not War" chants of the 60's and the sexual excess of the 70's.

These sorts of people believe that the problems of the world can be linked to people not having enough orgasms. The truth is that we are having to many. Listen people, sex is a great and enjoyable thing, but it is NOT the defining thing about man.

Always remember the intellectual is the person who has found something more interesting than sex.

I love this line from the article: (Concerning why the orgasm will succeed where soft power and appeasement have failed) "Your mind is like a blank. It's like a meditative state. And mass meditations have been shown to make a change."

My response: Where? Point to the mass mediations that have made any measurable change.

Folks there are none. These people need pick up a calendar and realize that it is no longer 1968.

The activists behind this gained notoriety earlier for getting 50 naked women to spell the word "peace". The article makes it seem like this was some sort of world changing event, but we all know better.

What possible good can come from getting 50 lesbian Marxists to cast aside their flannel and combat boots to spell peace? I could get 50 drunken frat boys to get naked and spell any damn thing I wanted. Does that mean I have changed the world or done anything besides offending good taste?

People like this are the reason we are losing the war against Islamic barbarians. They can only see their idealized vision of the world, ignoring the harsh realities.

Our great Republic is gone, all we have left are ejaculating hippies.

John Wayne is rolling in his grave.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

How you going keep em down on the farm, once they have seen Tehran?

Well the Dims are going to pull the US out of Iraq.

This is expressly against the wishes of the independent voters who put them in office by razor thin numbers over a week ago.

Charles Krauthammer has a great post election wrap up.

This last election the American people asked for a new course in Iraq. The Dims want to sink the ship.

Their plan seems to be this:
1. Turn the courty over to the Iraqis, i.e. cut
2. "redeploy"...also known as run.

This plan should look familiar. Back in the 70's we called it Vietnamization.

Soon after we pull out the Dim Congress will pass something like the Foreign Assistance Act of 1974, which banned the US from helping the South Vietnamese defend themselves and voided our rights to assist them under the Paris Peace Accords.

The Dimocrat plan will end in the same mesh or refugees, oppression, and will embolden our enemies just as our pull out in Vietnam did.

Every American life you save by pulling out now means that you will kill 20 in the future.

Side note:

Iran is moving to distance itself from the dollar.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cheney...We are at your mercy

Dick Cheney: man, myth, future tyrant of man.

Why do we fear him?

Because the following are true...

He once released a book on the subject of potty training. It came with an "encourament tazer."

The song "Unchained Melody" was originally called "UnCheney Melody." It was changed because people were disturbed by sound of women weeping and children being immolated.

He once stabbed a man for using the wrong fork at dinner.

His thoughts on the proper application of the death penalty were made into the movie "Flash Dance."

John Denver wrote "Rocky Mountain High" after watching Dick Cheney ingest thirty tons of opium.

Dick Cheney is in the bushes outside your house right now.

In first grade he was suspended for waterboarding his teacher. He received the Pulitzer Prize for the photos.

Every Thanksgiving he deep fries a California Condor...then just throws it out.

The entire plot for the Harry Potter series is based off of the orgasmic screams of Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney is responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire, British Empire, and the stock market in 1929.

The Exxon Valdez did not run aground. It was dynamited by Cheney to settle his score with the Eskimos.

Every movie ever made by Stanley Kubrick was inspired by conversations with Cheney in the showers at a NY Bally's Total Fitness.