Thursday, November 16, 2006

How you going keep em down on the farm, once they have seen Tehran?

Well the Dims are going to pull the US out of Iraq.

This is expressly against the wishes of the independent voters who put them in office by razor thin numbers over a week ago.

Charles Krauthammer has a great post election wrap up.

This last election the American people asked for a new course in Iraq. The Dims want to sink the ship.

Their plan seems to be this:
1. Turn the courty over to the Iraqis, i.e. cut
2. "redeploy"...also known as run.

This plan should look familiar. Back in the 70's we called it Vietnamization.

Soon after we pull out the Dim Congress will pass something like the Foreign Assistance Act of 1974, which banned the US from helping the South Vietnamese defend themselves and voided our rights to assist them under the Paris Peace Accords.

The Dimocrat plan will end in the same mesh or refugees, oppression, and will embolden our enemies just as our pull out in Vietnam did.

Every American life you save by pulling out now means that you will kill 20 in the future.

Side note:

Iran is moving to distance itself from the dollar.