Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pack it in Bush, Leo is making a movie

DiCaprio joins tide turning against Bush over Kyoto

The first paragraph starts out so hopeful:

"From film stars to senators, from Seattle to the East Coast, campaigners say
American public opinion on climate change is turning sharply against the Bush
administration and its refusal to impose binding targets to reduce greenhouse

Wow public opinion is changing...I need to read this story. Of course you don't get far in before you realize that they offer you absolutely no evidence that this is the case. Not a single source is quoted or opinion poll cited to show the the American public is actually buying the EnviroFascist's agenda.

The entire argument rest upon the fact that some Senators, mayors, and Leo Dicaprio believe the tripe about man-made climate change. This is illogical tripe at its best. When did any of these people begin to speak for public opinion as a whole? Why is there no mention that none of the European nations have implemented Kyoto? Why is America the only supposed polluter when China is home to the seven most polluted cities in the world?

The Ox needs to jump on this one.