Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick Blogging today

I have been working on a paper this weekend so my blogging has had to suffer, but I just wanted to give a little attention to my favorite running feature in any newspaper in the country.

The Washington Times Nobles & Knaves section is updated every week and is one of the most interesting reads one can get out of any paper.

This week's highlighted the continuing idiocy that pervades our college campuses. I am on the front line of that fight and I can assure you, it is even worse than you hear.

Of course I don't always agree with the Times choice of Knaves. I personally think that Ted "Look at me swim" Kennedy and Michael "I think I'll have some" Moore should be standing Knaves.

These guys should also be tapped in order to help solve the American energy crunch. I defy anyone to point out two men who produce more hot air.