Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Something that really gets my goat

In a figurative sense. I don't own a goat...anymore.

Anyway, stories like this leave me perplexed. He caps her, withholds medical attention for six days, then to cap it all off she still wants to marry him. This just boggles my mind. Obviously, the man is callous, murderous, and a lousy shot to boot, but she still thinks he is quite a catch.

You want to know why this really upsets me. Idiots like this can get women, while nice, decent guys such as yours truly are left to shiver alone in the long winter nights. Its like all those women one sees on Cops who are being beaten by their husbands/boyfriends/lovers, but still go back to their abusers. Just goes to show that humans do not always act rationally.

I'm a decent looking guy (stop laughing) and recently I have struck out more times than the Astros in Game Four of the Series. Inexplicable.

Oh well I will leave you tonight to go shiver alone once more.