Friday, November 18, 2005

Put your vote where your mouth is.

That was what the Republicans told the Dims today. This was the perfect opportunity for the libs to take back their votes on Iraq. Of course they did not because they lack the courage of their convictions. They want to be on the record supporting the war, but still be able to huff and puff about "Bush's lies" in front of rallies.

If Bush really lied they should not be ashamed to rescind their votes. There is nothing shameful about retracting an action made on false premises. But in their hearts they know that Bush didn't lie, and that he had the same info that they had.

The Dims called it a stunt, but what about their demands that the Senate operate in a closed session? What about all the threatened filibusters of judges? These were stunts designed to fire up the moonbats and Sheehanaholics.

If you will excuse me I need to go spend some time in the "Angry Dome."