Friday, November 18, 2005

The gift every Socialist should have

Has this ever happened to you? You just can't decide what to get your favorite progressive cannabis loving relatives for KwanzMas. The shame that one feels when that day comes and everyone is passing around the KwanzMas Toad, taking turns licking it, and lo and behold...there is no present from you to Uncle Sunshine or Aunt Steve. Everyone looks at you through their dilated pupils and they never visited the gift shop.

But what should one get for those lovers of equality, tolerance (except for all those damn Christians), peace (except for all those damn Jews), and non-violence? They already have the "Bush Lied, Kittens Died" and "Cindy Sheehan for God" bumperstickers. Their collection of hemp Che t-shirts is fully up-to-date. They have plenty of foodstamps.

Well no need to fret this year. The People's Cube solves all your problems. Finally a completely egalitarian game that makes sure no one feels left out and removes all those subversive capitalist notions of fun. Buy yours today and help the Revolution.