Monday, November 21, 2005

How dare you use weapons to kill murderers

The UK Independent is in hysterics over the British use of cluster bombs in Iraq.

The tone of the story is what upsets me. It seems to treat the problem of unexploded ordinance as something that has only come about after the evil invasion of Iraq.

Of course anyone who does even a cursory investigation would realize this problem is nothing new. Unexploded ordinance from World War 2 still litters Europe. I guess we have to be held accountable for using dangerous weapons to destroy Fascism in Europe.

The real motive behind this story is that the Independent is upset we are in Iraq at all. There is not a single mention of all the ordinance Saddam's government left laying around the country. I am sure that more Iraqi civilians have died from Saddam's arsenal than from the British. How about even a mention that those weapons ended the reign of terror of a regime that was filling mass graves faster than they could be dug.?

Of course to report that would endanger their precious objectivity.