Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Everyone hates the good guy

A poll of Brits finds that they are tired of the cruel, vulgar, and imperilstic United States.

Why do we care? When did the US start trying to win populatrity contests? Are we supposed to change our ways because Malcolm Donner of south London thinks we need to be nicer to Arabs and meaner to Jews?

I really do not blame the Brits. To those who do not know, the alternative media has a smaller following in the UK. I read alot of British newspapers and follow both the BBC and Sky news. The information they receive is by and large anti-American.

My experience with Europeans has taught me an awful lot of things. Most of all they know many things that simply are not true. They think racism and poverty are rampant in the US. They see the US as a society of half-educated hillbillies who refuse to see their singular genius. My experiences have also shown me that Europeans tend to be greatly misinformed about the world. They buy the "Peace at any price" and "Negotiate at all cost" arguments as if they were gospel. They seem to have forgotten their former selves and turned their lives over to socialism, the most profound expression of Eastern despotism aside from Islam.

This makes me rethink my love of the British people. I am a huge Anglophile and see the UK as the best friend that America could have. Now I am not so sure.

Chistopher Hitchens wants to know why we really care what the world thinks.