Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Dims might begin to "argue about whether it’s time to argue about important arguments"

Jonah Goldberg examines the motivations behind the anti-Lieberman hysteria and also touches on the general lack of ideas on the Left.

He makes some good points but nothing ground breaking. We all know that the only thing that keeps the Left/Far Left/Communist Big Tent together is a deep love of hating George W. Bush and Republicans in general.

Dim voters show up to the polls simply to prove that they are opposed to the War on Terror, hate Republicans, and are still committed to the class war. That about sums up the Dim agenda.

I have always disagreed with the assertion that the Left does not have any ideas. They have plenty of ideas. The problem is that their ideas are so unpalatable to the American people that they have to describe them in pleasant sounding euphemisms.

Let's catalogue just a small portion of their double speak:

-using the term "right to choose," "reproductive rights," or "women's rights" when they really mean abortion. If their is nothing wrong with abortion why do the Dims so rarely use the word? They like to use the word "rights" because no one wants to be seen opposing rights.

-using the term "social justice" as a catchphrase for stoking envy, playing the race card, bullying private concerns, and attacking anyone who does not subscribe to their radical ideology.

-using terms such as "opposing imperialism" to give a pass to savages around the world when they commit horrendous acts.

We all know what they want to do anyway.

The Dims want the following:

-to kill as many babies as possible through abortion. They love abortion for two reasons: 1. They see every abortion performed as a blow for women's rights, and 2. they are committed to a population phobia that manifests itself in a manner that is red in tooth and claw.

-to raise taxes in a childish attempt to get even with those they see as "rich."

-turn America's children over to the hapless bunch of incompetents called teachers because most of the people who go into teaching are too stupid to see through the liberal brainwashing they received in school. They then use the schools as houses of propaganda and brainwashing.

-use the courts to advance a social agenda that is not only unpopular but detrimental to the nation.

-turn American foreign policy over to the tin pot dictators, mullahs, communists, criminals, and fascists over at the UN.

-surrender the initiative in the War on Terror to the barbarian jihadists.

As I have said hundreds of times, the stakes are clear. Either we purge the liberals from our nation or we will witness the collapse of the United States and the West.