Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chris Bell: a giant idiot

Check out this new commercial for Texas Dimocratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell.

Freaky huh?

The gall of this man, putting his arm around Sam Houston.

I hear the next ad will have Chris Bell battling MechaGodzilla in the middle of Houston.

I love the part of the commercial where Bell suggests that we should be "preparing our kids for college, not to take standardized tests." I seem to remember having to take a standardized test to get into college.

I hate the whole "teaching to the test" screed that teachers and administrators cry about. Isn't every teacher "teaching to the test" at some point?

The tests are not arbitrary. They are meant to ensure that kids are learning basic skills in math, reading, and science. If teachers are teaching to the test are they not just teaching basic skills?

That one line shows right where the loyalties of Chris Bell lie. He is obviously in the pocket of the socialist teacher's union.

The teachers oppose these test for two reasons. First of all they expose how incompetent they are. If they are not teaching children basic skills in math and reading the test will show it. The second reason is that the tests are objective measures. The Lefty ideology of the teacher's groups hates the idea of objective standards. They want to teach children to feel and express themselves because they can never be wrong there. They fear Truth and objectivity because both expose deficiency. To do such a thing would harm the "self esteem" of teachers and students and make them feel bad.

We need to destroy the public school system and rebuild it from the ground up. That may sound harsh but I am like the doctor who saw the disease and was brave enough to prescribe poison.