Friday, July 21, 2006

I will see your shame and raise you self-loathing

I can completely relate to this article on the precarious nature of the modern dating scene.

I can relate to being blown off in text messages and emails. I have had a bad internet date. I have never been the accomplice to infidelity so I have one up on this guy. He is right though. The whole scene has become predatory. Lots of women seem out for blood these days. I have hunted mountain lions that are more merciful than modern day ladies.

It seems that in the war of the sexes, women have gone nuclear.

In fact this article gives me hope. I am better looking than this guy. My problem is that I can not approach a woman. I would think I am a pretty good catch. I am in law school, can cook very well, am free of all major diseases, have a budding political career, and know how to treat women.

Every time I am out I see lots of ladies I find attractive. I am just unsure how to approach them.
Ladies riddle me this: How should I approach a woman I find attractive without looking like some sort of slimeball?