Tuesday, June 06, 2006

When nerds attack

Chaos ensued during the international Chess Olympiad after British grandmaster Danny Gormally assaulted an Armenian player at a nightclub in Turin.

The fight broke out after Levon Aronian was seen dancing with the Australian chess bombshell (there are some words you thought you would never hear) Arianne Caoili. Apparently Mr. Gormally has a crush on Ms. Caoili.

Denis Jessop, president of the Australian Chess Federation, was not surprised to hear that violence had once again tainted the world of chess.

Mr Jesso told reporters that, "I am not surprised at anything that chess players do. It is not the first time that there's been an argument at a chess tournament and people have hit each other, he said."

Authorities believe this was the worst boardgame related crime since the infamous "You sank my battleship" killing spree of 1991.

Update: Stephen Moore over at the Guardian has a blurb on the fight and what it means for chess.

He is a little over dramatic but it is still interesting.