Monday, June 12, 2006

I get it, but few others do

Joel Mowbray answers the question many people are asking "Why attack Canada"?

It is a good question. Canada does not support US efforts in the Gulf, harbors radical imams, and does not adequately defend itself. Why would they attack Canada? Hey the country is basically America's weak little brother.

Of course the answer is simple and I have been harping on it for a long time: The terror leaders have no interest in the supposed abuses of Muslims world wide. Their goal is a world caliphate. All of the reasons and slights they spout are just the pretext for their desire to turn the world into their idea of paradise. To the rest of us it is known as squalor and barbarism.

Mowbray asks the question that is asked alot recently: Why don't non-radical Muslims stand up to their hate preaching imams?

I believe that while many Muslims dislike the methods of the terrorists, they secretly cheer every time they kill Westerners.

They are like all the people who were not in the Klan but were not sorry that blacks were lynched.

Their silence speaks volumes.