Thursday, June 08, 2006

Roast in Hell douche bag

Since it is the hot news item of the week, perhaps month. I, your humble WordBearer, will offer an assessment of what the death of this son of a bee (yeah that is right I said it) will mean.

1. The Dims will still complain. Hell they already are.

The Dims can not benefit from this in anyway. If Zarqawi had escaped they would have had an opportunity to attack Bush for incompetence. The Dims have never supported the war in Iraq or the War on Terror itself. Sure many of them voted for the Iraq war resolution, but that was just so they would not face a voter backlash.

2. This is a good thing.

Reporters have already started asking questions about who will replace Zarqawi. They seem to insinuate that it might be someone worse. It could be that it will be someone worse, but the odds are better that it will be someone who is not. Plus killing the boss really does matter. Look what happened to the Anglo-Saxons after the death of Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

As a guy who has been in many organizations, I know from experience that any group is going to have rifts and factions. Al-Zarqawi was a terror mastermind. His replacement will not be easy. Perhaps there are multiple figures hoping to take over. Maybe they will war on one another.

I'm not sure about this article though. Too extreme for a group that murdered thousands on 9/11?

3. The war will go on.

There are still lots of thugs loose in Iraq. We will never be able to eradicate them all, but we can quell them. We did not eradicate all the Nazi's, but we did defeat them. There are still unreformed Confederate sympathizers in this country. I myself am still angry over the outcome of the the Battle of Bosworth....damn usurping Tudors. Yet I am not going to take up a sword, mount a barded steed, and fright the souls of fearful adversaries over it.

I am proud of our troops and their commanders. They are doing a difficult job and they just got rid of a serious cockface.