Thursday, June 15, 2006

Michael Novak: The Dims are screwed

He is predicting a Dim defeat in this year's elections.

I have been saying this for a while now. The Dims are counting their chickens before they are hatched.

1. The way Republican state legislatures have drawn their districts makes it very difficult for Dims to win the 15 seats they need to take the House.

2. The Dims are placing too much faith in the polls. All the polls are showing the same thing: responders prefer generic Dims to Republicans and have a very low opinion of Congress.

To draw any significant conclusions from these polls over looks some very important facts. First of all respondents almost always say they prefer a generic Dim. It is when you get to specific Dims that they back out.

Number two, the low approval ratings of Congress are nothing new. It is Public Opinion 101. When you ask people how they feel about Congress they always disapprove. Yet when you get to their specific Congressman they tend to give positive reviews. In summation, voters tend to dislike Congress as a whole but like their Congressman.

3. Dissatisfaction with Republicans does not mean that the country is ripe for Dim leadership.

Most of the disatisfaction with Republicans comes from their voters. People want less spending and Congress to curb its appetite. These people are not going to vote for Dims. The most they are going to do is not show up. That is what the Republicans must fear.

The Dims seem to think that the country is ready for more taxes, class warfare, greater social spending, and socializing medicine. Nothing could be further from the truth.

3. If the Dims think the "Culture of Corruption" strategy is going to work they are sorely mistaken.

The corruption knife cuts both ways. If you make the accusation you open yourself up to it. Does William Jefferson ring a bell? They would do better making sure that their own house is in order.

What voters will see is a Dim party grasping at anything under the sun to try to get power. Basically they will be seeing the truth.

4. Not to sound to Kerry-like, but the Dims "Don't have a plan."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they stand for this and that but most of it is just worthless feel good catch phrases like "social justice." They have no Contract or Convenant with America.

That was a big part of the 1994 Republican Revolution. The Dims need a plan that people can get behind. The problem is that what they believe is so idiotic that people see right through it. Americans do not want to cut and run in Iraq, destroy the economy with attempts to redistribute wealth, and coddle terrorists.

Their desire to impeach the president is not going to help them either. People do not want to go through another impeachment in less than a decade. They only say those things to fire up their loony base and the average American finds those people contemptible.

The Dims are not going to make much headway in November in my opinion.

Just a side note: I hate the phrase "Speaking Truth to Power."

Here is what it really means: "I'm a pompous douche bag and I say shit like this because my ideas suck and no one will listen. Obviously if you don't listen to me you are a power mad animal who can not see my divine wisdom. The revolution is coming. Your head will be on a pike."

What really annoyed me was when Carl Levin said it the other day. He is power. Who the hell is he speaking truth about?