Thursday, June 29, 2006

The next lifestyle choice: Anorexia

As hard as it is to believe, many of those suffering from the eating/mental disorder known as anorexia are now catergorizing their illness as a "lifestyle choice."

Groups who support the anorexic lifestyle, known as "pro-anas", have popped up all over the internet; setting up websites to promote their affliction to others.

All I can say is that these people are sick and really need help. I know the media promotes ultra-thinness as the standard to which we should all attain, but it is simply not the truth. These people are displaying a case similar to Stockholm Sydrome. They are identifying with their mental captures in the media and the entertainment industry.

The advocates of this sickness have obviously done their homework. By couching their disease in terms like "lifestyle choice," they have appropriated the language of modern liberalism to collude in their ritualistic suicide. By defining their sickness as a choice they are asserting the idea that it must be judged by the modern ethic that holds all lifestyle choices as equally valid and denies that any choice can be judged as good or bad.

In the modern world we no longer view the promotion of virtuous behavior as the obligation of society. We instead promote "fulfillment" and "authenticity."

One example of this is the oft proffered piece of advice: "Be who you are." Implied in this is the concept that being what you are is the best course of action. This is absurd. What if who you really are is a thuggish bully? This makes no sense to me.

The point is that we must know ourselves. We must examine our characters and natures and determine what about us is bad, and should be suppressed, and what is good, which should be exalted. Self-examination is the key. The pro-anas have not examined themselves properly. They have bought into the modern lie of appearance. If they properly examined themselves, they would note this behavior as destructive and worthy of suppression.

Let me add this as well. Ladies speaking for most guys, we do not really care much about your a point. Being 300 pounds overweight is not health or attractive, it is a sign of a severe problem. What I am talking about is the girl who is 150 pounds and thinks she needs to be 100 to be desirable. It is simply not true.

Hell I just get stoked when a woman talks to me. Weight should be monitored for health reasons. Just relax about it ladies. Ignore the media because they do not have your best interests at heart. Besides curvy chicks are hot. Why someone would want a wraith is beyond me.

A Mexican man once gave me a very good piece of advice: "Bones are for the dogs, meat is for the man."

Mull that over and get back to me.