Saturday, June 24, 2006

Time for a whine

Ok after spending some time on other sites, I noticed that personal ramblings tend to garner many replies. I get few on my news rants, so I thought I would get a little personal today.

Your humble WordBearer is still having trouble in the lady department.

As many of you may remember, I had spent months working up the courage to ask out a lovely young lady that I knew. When I finally did she said yes. I can not begin to describe my happiness. Dan Wesson can attest to it, he had lunch with me afterwards.

Well a few days later she sent me a text message on my phone saying she had changed her mind. My devastation equaled or surpassed the elation I felt when she agreed.

My self-worth took quite a hit. Dan Wesson and CartoonBeaver really helped me get through it. To them I am eternally grateful. Side note: I have known CartoonBeaver since we were six and was the best man at his wedding. I have not known Wesson as long, but count him, as one of the best friends a guy could have. Lots of love to a certain Wolf and Warrior as well.

I am over her a degree, but still am alone each night. Any help would be useful.

I'm not a club guy. I used to go to lots of them but always lost out to better looking guys. Let's face it; those places are meat markets and I am not Grade A prime. I'm more like Grade X: Circus animal and some filler.

I consider myself a good guy. I have my glaring faults like all others. I'm not great looking in my opinion, but I am respectful and have a good sense of humor.

I know this is all mindless rambling, but I am getting tired of hanging around the same places and doing the same things. The WordBearer needs to bear his word into more diverse places.