Friday, June 23, 2006

The return of the WordBearer

Your humble WordBearer has been gone for a couple of days. I was out in the Laguna Madre menacing the speckled sea trout. May post pictures later.

Back to business.

The upswing in prostitution anticipated for the World Cup has not materialized.

See below posts and the Dumb Ox for further details about the importation of Eastern European women to "service" the hordes of drunken men. The article makes it sound like all this is consensual, but you, the astute Ring of Gyges reader, know better.

Frankly the idea of thousands of men lining up to abuse (and it is abuse) a woman in this manner chills me to the bone. It also offends my sense of honor and angers me to no end. My virtue, what little I have, precludes me from sanctioning this.

I have urges like every other guy...well probably more than the normal guy, but I would rather go without than use a prostitute. It is called self-control. We are not animals people. We do not need to copulate just because we feel the need.

Enough of my pontificating. I am off to sob uncontrollably into a glass of beer. Shiner Bock to be exact.