Friday, April 28, 2006

Extra Extra Hell freezes over

Well Hell has frozen over. Send the devil some ice-skates and watch out for those flying pigs, the WordBearer has finally agreed with something George Clooney has said.

Clooney has called on the United States and other nations to intervene in Darfur.

I agree that the US should intervene. The only reason we are not is because the U.N. continues to drag its feet on the issue.

The government of Sudan is linked to Islamic extremist and the so called "conflict" (really nothing more than a pogrom against non-Muslims) has claimed as many as 200,000 lives and displaced over 2 million.

The nation of Sudan needs help badly. The average life expectancy is only 59 years and the infant mortality rate is high.

Darfur illustrates the ineptitude and worthlessness of the UN as an institution.

Personally I think we should close down the UN and execute those working for it, but I will accept a middle ground.

Nonetheless, the solution for Darfur can only come from outside the UN.