Saturday, April 15, 2006

Neil Young: Impeach the President, save my career

Neil Young has recorded a virulent anti-Bush song entitled "Impeach the President."

Members of my generation were heard to ask: "Who the hell is Neil Young?"

Apparently Mr. Young is so desperate for a comeback that he has taken the easy road. Ever since Bush was elected a gaggle of failed sellouts have cut anti-Bush/Republican/Red State tracks in desperate attempts to revive their careers. Such examples are Burt Backarach and Green Day.

All you need to get air time these days is to write a pro-terrorist song and you will be hailed as the new John Lennon and be awarded more Grammys than you can carry.

The pompous self-importance of those in the entertainment industry still astounds me.

Alec Baldwin, Head of the Film Actors Guild or F.A.G., has hailed the song as a "slap to the face of our imperial president." He went on to predict that more F.A.G.S. will come out with even greater rebukes of American foreign policy.

Update: Neil is cutting an entire anti-Bush album.

What a douche.