Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Greatest Video ever

Well not really, but a monkey and dog playing is something that will always get me laughing.

Let me explain a little something about the WordBearer that fits in well with this video. There are four, count them four things that the WordBearer needs in this world and has yet to acquire:

1. A meaningful relationship with a woman. The WordBearer wants to find a woman that he can love for life; someone I would gladly lay down my life for. I want someone who frightens the hell out of me and drives me on to be a better man. I need a woman who can tame my nature and make me feel whole. Lastly, I want a woman who will love me for what I am and who can see past all my glaring flaws and homely visage.

2. A monkey. What guy doesn't want a monkey? They are simply natures little punchline.

3. A midget. Midgets are so cute. Who wouldn't want to have a midget friend. You can tie them up and force them to lead you to their pot of gold. You could dress them in leprechaun outfits and have that perfect accessory for St. Patrick's Day.

I have always wanted to give a midget a piggy back ride. Maybe I could even do the impossible: give a midget a piggy back ride while he gives the monkey a piggy back ride.

4. A gay friend to tell me how to dress. Every straight guy needs a gay friend to tell him how women think, what type of shoes to wear, and why Will and Grace is funny. I was 21 years old before I was told that your shoes and belt were supposed to match. I'm completely unaware of what a pillow sham is used for.

One day Alice.