Tuesday, May 02, 2006

...and then they came for the burritos

I have not idea where Drudge got this photo, but it is hilarious.

I suspect that it is photoshopped.

All I can say is that if it is real, then this is the worst argument ever made for illegal immigrants. I, the adept gringo, can make my own burritos.

I related news, the commie president of Bolivia has sent the army out to seize the nations gas fields.

He also threatened to evict six foreign companies unless they sign contracts giving the government control of the energy sector.

Under the agreement the companies will get to keep only 18% of the gas they produce, the rest going to the government oil concern.

Let me look into the future. First the companies will most likely leave. Therefore the state concern will not make the revenue it hoped, but will still become a piggy bank for Morales and his associates.

The people of Bolivia will still be as poor as they are now in ten years, maybe even poorer.

Once again socialism will destroy a nation.