Saturday, May 20, 2006

Knife culture overtakes Britain

Kiyan Prince, a promising young athlete, was stabbed outside of his school in northwest London school Thursday.

Why do I care? Because he is the latest victim of the "knife culture" overtaking Britain. Supposedly in 2004, 60,000 young people in Britain admitted to carrying knives.

See this is what is going to happen when you ban guns. People will just turn to other forms of weapons.

To tell you the truth there was a knife culture among the boys when I was growing up. All the young men in my small Texas town carried knives. Never in school, but in your everyday life you carried a knife. Never knew when you were going to need one. There were no stabbings that I can recall. I don't see the problem being a "knife culture" but a culture that treats life as cheap.

Here is how to solve this problem: teach children a basic respect for life and others.