Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chavez's “Bolivarian” revolution is faltering

Two candidates supported by the piece of human garbage that is Hugo Chavez are about to lose their elections.

It turns out his interference in local affairs is as unpopular with local electorate as the United States'.

President Uribe of Columbia, a fierce opponent of Chavez, is going to easily defeat his opponent.

Alan Garcia, the moderate leftist poised to defeat Chavez's ultranationalist Ollanta Humala, has accused Chavez of being "borderline crazy" and using " wield undue influence over poorer countries."

This is fabulous. Chavez does not want to fight American imperialism, he wants to use the wealth and blood of the people Venezuela to fulfill his Bolshevik fantasies.

What the people of South America need is not socialism, it is the market. They need good government, not thieves who hide behind the rhetoric of "social justice".

Long live the free people of South America.