Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pedophiles to launch a political party

A coalition of Dutch perverts, criminals, and sickos have formed a political party.

The Charity, Freedom and Diversity party, also known as the NVD, wishes to legalize sex with children and animals, and a wants pornography on television.

Their agenda seeks to allow nudity in public, 16 year olds to prostitute themselves, and advocates for the complete legalization of drugs.

Somewhere Rousseau is standing and applauding.

This is what happens when you place unlimited freedom as the ultimate end to society. I am more a a Burkian lover of masculine liberty. There are simply somethings that are wrong.

Watch things like this will spread to all Western nations. When you abandon morality as a nation, and take up the ethic of "if it feels good do it," then you condemn your nation to death, hedonism, and weakness.

I am glad that the people of the Netherlands are mostly opposed to this party, but they are reaping what they have sown.