Thursday, February 01, 2007

Harry Potter and the Wizard of Ass

Apparently there is more going on at the Harry Potter Conference in Vegas than talk about the Dark Lord and speculation on who will take the next Quidditch Cup.

It seems that there is more to it than that.

The attendees are overwhelmingly women; which is no surprise. Yet the topics are. Marxist readings of Harry Potter. Harry Potter gay porn. Rape story lines.

What is wrong with our society?

Stories like this point out the overarching theme of my blog: America, and the West in general, has slipped into an irrevocable downward spiral of moral decay and worthless hedonism.

To me the Harry Potter books are about heroism, standing for what is right, and the virtue of sacrifice. I have never entertained a single sexual thought while reading a Harry Potter book. In fact, that is why I like them so much. They seem to be free from the taint of the passions and engender positive ideals about Truth and good.

What are these women lacking in this era that would make them want to hear stories about a character in a child's book being raped by another? I thought Women's Lib was supposed to make society better for women. Why would the women raised to be warriors reveal in stories about rape and beastiality?

We all know the true answer folks: The Sexual Revolution did not make us more open and thoughtful about sex, it made us more vicious about it.

The zeitgeist is to get off in what ever way pleases you and to hell with anyone who might disagree.

Our openness and rejection of Truth have produced a generation of female predators who watch "Sex and the City", write gay Harry Potter snuff porn, and fantasize about sex with animals.

What kind of mothers will these women be? What sort of children will they raise? How will we survive with them?