Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All the trappings of the West...none of its ethics

Here is a great article on the crimes committed against women every day in India.

Female infanticide is common in India. Men want sons, and punish their wives when girls are born.

My heart broke when I read the part about the girls in the orphanage. I probably will never have children. Extreme doses of radiation in my past have put the skids on that. Still, I want to adopt one of these little girls. This story broke through even my tough exterior.

Where are the Liberal on this? Why have they, the supposed defenders of women, been silent? They prattle on everyday about non-existent glass ceilings, "good old boy networks," and the like. Of course, most of these complaints are just ways to cover up their own incompetence. Why has Nancy Pelosi never mentioned this? Where is Harry Reid (probably taking bribes)?

I can tell you why they are silent. As lovers of multiculturalism, they would refute their own ideology and self-hatred if they spoke out against it.

The multiculturalist lie starts with the premise the all cultures are equal, or at least that no real value judgments can be made about any of them. It is a hollow argument full of relativism and error, but they hold it in the face of Reason and evidence. Additionally, they fail to account for their belief that value judgments are bad. Isn't that a value judgment?

The truth is that some cultures have pathologies that should be stamped out. Female infanticide in India is one of them.