Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Here we are again

Since people seem to respond to my whining more than my humor, I feel it is time for a little more of the former.

Well I am on Spring Break. Guess what I am doing.

Yes you in the back... nope I am not going to the beach.

You in the funny shirt...no I am not going to the mountains.

Last attempt, you with the scar that looks like Angela Lansbury in a bikini...nope I am not attempting to build the robot I so dearly want.

The answer kiddies is that I am doing homework. Yes that is right, homework. Got a few big papers due soon. At least I am not sobbing into a bag of kettle chips.

I'm still a big coward with the ladies. So, much like the Western Front, all is quiet. Who is the biggest loser in the room. The spotlight is on yours truly.

I have never liked spotlights. The times I have had access to them I have been totally unsuccessful in summoning Batman. Plus the Budweiser Frogs still won't return my phone calls.

I need a girlfriend...or a really accommodating hooker.