Thursday, March 02, 2006

And here we are again

Once again another weekend is about to dawn on a lonely WordBearer. I am still too much of a chicken to ask out a woman. There are several that I find interesting but my severe fear of them hampers any effort. This is one of the flaws in my nature: I can not talk to women.

My friends find it inexplicable. I will do just about anything. I am braver than most, but when it comes to women I become a little wuss. Ah my ego is so fragile. Low self-esteem doesn't help either.

I need to get on one of those shows where gay guys show up at your house and make you over.

Failure thy stench clings to me.

Oh yeah read Ann Coulter's Oscar Picks.

I will get mine up in the next couple of days.

To everyone who visits me on a day to day basis I want to say thank you. I am humbled that you find my little corner of the Web worth your time. I love all of you...I wish I could quit you (tear).