Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Books that have changed my life

I thought I would enlighten all of you by enumerating the books that have changed my life. This is not a compressive list, but I think it is a nice peak into the psyche of the WordBearer.

1. The Republic - Plato's most famous work has led to many sleepless nights for me. It is full of so many mysteries and questions that it still puzzles me to this day.

2. Dune- Frank Herbert's greatest work tackles questions of politics, ecology, and religion with such a deft and entertaining hand that one can not help but be sucked in. The entire series is solid. Perhaps the best science fiction series ever written. Beware of the spice.

3. The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien's adventure is a pure masterpiece. Need I say more.

4. Death in the Long Grass - Peter Capstick paints a vivid portrait of big game hunting in Africa. This book created a longing to strap on a rifle and pursue the Cape Buffalo, Hippo, and lion through the primordial wilds of the dark contient. Africa calls me in a manner that no other place could.

5. Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Freedom - This is a must have for any lover of Reagan. In this little tome (only 246 pages) is filled with every thing you need to defend the Reagan record from the howling animals on the Left.

6. Reagan's War - This book chronicles Reagan's forty year struggle, and eventual victory, over Communism. Peter Schweizer illustrates the phenomenal spirit that Reagan possessed, and his utter conviction that America would win the Cold War. Additionally, the documentary based on the book, In the Face of Evil, is mandatory viewing for any Reagan lover.

7. The Illiad and Odyssey - The foundations of Western literature. Must read for anyone put there.

8. The Aeneid - Virgil's propaganda poem about the wanderings of the Trojan warrior Aeneas taught me a lot. It gave me a new respect for Roman literature.

9. The Complete Works of Aristophanes - The Greek comic playwright who is a must read for anyone interested in classical theater or political thought. You can not understand Plato till you understand Aristophanes.

There are many more, but these will do for now. I will add some more later perhaps.