Thursday, March 09, 2006

DeLay won...nah, nah, nah

The NY Times admitted that DeLay won, and from their tone they are not happy.

Notice that they put the word "rigging" in quotation marks.I hate when people put words in quotes.

I believe Leo Strauss described this whole situation quite aptly.

"To put the terms designating such things in quotation marks is a childish trick which enables one to talk of important subjects while denying the principles without which there cannot be important subjects-a trick which is meant to allow one to combine the advantage of common sense with the denial of common sense. Or can one say anything relevant on public opinion polls, for example, without realizing the fact that many answers to the questionnaires are given by unintelligent, uninformed, deceitful, and irrational people, and that not a few questions are formulated by people of the same caliber."

Leo Strauss, Natural Right and History