Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Further evidence...

that the Islamic fundamentalists are nothing more than barbarians.

An Iranian court has sentenced an 18 year old girl to death. What was here crime? Killing a man who attempted to rape her.

The girl, and her niece, were in a park with their boyfriends when the animals attacked them. The girls cowardly boyfriends fled during the attack and left their girls at the mercy of the attackers.

Is this the kind of society that Muslims want to build? How come "moderate" Muslims do not condemn this? This is the sort of thing that leads people to think that all the people of the Middle East are barbarians.

I do not personally think that all Muslims are savages, but the ones who seek to kill the innocent are. I think that we are all basically the same, and that more unites humanity than divides it. Moderate Muslims need to stand up.