Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Charles Krauthammer on QuailGate

Charles Krauthammer's column on Quailgate and the fits of hysteria that the media went into is worth a read.

I think that Cheney handled the situation well. I have spent time in that part of the country, and I am a quail hunter, so I think I understand the situation better than most. South Texas is a lot different from New York or D.C. Hunting and the risks associated with it are better understood down here.

The media's charges of malfeasant are totally off-base. Cheney had nothing to hide here. This is just a bunch of pencilnecked little nancy-boys from the Northeast going into fits over Big Bad Cheney and his patridge popper.

The MSM has been looking for a reason to go after Cheney for a while. The Scotter Libby thing has fizzled for the time being and the Energy Committee is ancient history.

This story will go away now that the media has gotten their chance to vent their spleens.