Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The shame of Ireland

The W.H.O. has released the numbers on global alcohol consumption.

Luxembourg has the highest rate of consumption. No surprise, the Irish are number two. In fact, I take that back. What the hell is wrong with the Irish? Come on butch up. What would the world be without the drunken Irishman? How could you let a country no bigger than a postage stamp defeat you at your own national sport?

Of course the article does allude to the fact that people tend to cross into Luxembourg to buy cheap alcohol. Maybe Ireland is number one. They should get a recount.

The US came in at number 40 by the way. The Japanese and Mexicans had lower consumption than we did. I wonder if they counted sake as an alcoholic beverage? I wouldn't because the stuff is sort of weak.

Well anyway, it is a slow news day.