Thursday, June 21, 2007

But I thought the media was Right wing

Surprising absolutely no one, a new report shows that journalists tend to give money to Dimocrats and Left wing causes.

The libs now a days like to assert that the media is really right wing. This is refuted by the article above. Their evidence for this is that the majority of editorial pages in the last couple of decades have endorsed Republican presidents. This is idiotic. Sure they may endorse Republicans, but they also run scathing anti-right editorials more often than they criticise libs. All that piece of evidence does is confirm that there is a severe strain of schizophrenia running through the media. It also gives them a convenient way out of criticism for left wing bias. Sort of like calling for the confiscation of guns one day, but giving to the NRA the next.

What really irks me is when media figures get in front of the camera and, with a straight face, tell us that they report the news without bias. This is absurd and impossible. We all have built in unspoken prejudices that work at an unconscious level. It is evident in the words we use and the manner in which we process information. Journalist's bias creeps into every story, even if they mean well.

I tend to agree with Bernard Goldberg. He claims that journalist are telling the truth when they claim they are not bias. His position is that they do not even realize that they are bias. They live in such an isolated little world that they rarely encounter a thought that is different from theirs. Their heuristics are confirmed by those around them so often that they can not seriously consider that anyone else thinks any other way. Perhaps this is true.

Fox News is not "Fair and Balanced" but it does give the opposite sides of each debate a pretty good chance to air their views. On most of the shows you get people from both sides arguing. On the other hand, when I watch CNN or MSNBC, you get less of that and more of a single host talking to a partisan.

Here is the point of all of this: Journalists report the news in a bias way. They may not purposefully try to color the news in a certain light, but they are human and therefore can not report in a way that is completely devoid of prejudices and unspoken assumptions. If they would just admit that, it would help to restore a little bit of trust in their work.