Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Fred Thompson the next Reagan?

The Dims think so.

I like to hear the they are afraid of Fred, and I do think that there are some similarities with Reagan.

I have heard that some conservatives might be turned off by some answers he gave on a survey about abortion back in the 90s. Reagan signed a permissive abortion law while governor of California. He later changed his mind on this issue, which Fred seems to have done as well. I doubt this will hurt him much.

The media likes to portray conservatives and pro-lifers as fire breathing fundamentalists who will not let anyone who disagrees with them into the Republican party. This could not be further from the truth. The Republican party has a pretty big group of abortion supporters in it. It is easier to find a pro-choice Republican than a pro-life Dim.

I like how the Dims are planning to attack Thompson as a beltway insider. He is one, but so is every Dim running for president. Thompson at least can point to a career outside of the Beltway.

They go to absurd lengths to make it seem like everything has been handed to him because of his political contacts. They even claim that he got the "Law and Order" job that way. Sure because we all know that a conservative Republican is guaranteed a Hollywood job the instant they leave office. That is why you will catch Tom Delay tonight as the tough no-nonsense Chief of police who plays by his own rules but gets results on "The Shield."

Have these people even watched Law and Order? It seems that sixty percent of the bad guys on that show are Left wing ideas of the stereotypical Republican or conservative. The criminal is always a self-righteous religious figure, greedy business man, racist/homophobic WASP, or gun toting anti-government crackpot. You hardly ever see a lefty bad guy.

Speaking of using connections to make money, when are we going to get to talk about Whitewater again? Turning $100,000 into millions off of cattle futures? Millions of dollars in speaking fees? Record book advances? Chinese military payola?

Dims, is this the road you really want to go down?