Thursday, June 07, 2007

Beautiful, simply perfect.

Defeat's Killing Fields

This op/ed from the NY Times (I know I know I know) is simply divine.

The authors truly understand what defeat in Iraq means for the US and for the world at large. Listen, Libs love to draw comparisons with Vietnam every time a story about Iraq breaks. This is perfectly natural for them because their efforts were a big part of America's eventual abandonment of the Vietnamese people.

Yet even they can not ignore the price that the people of Southeast Asia paid for their victory over a non-existent "military industrial complex."

I hear all the Dim presidential candidates pledge that they will "end the war in Iraq." Of course their only proposal is the withdraw and leave the people of Iraq at the mercy of the mullahs and beheaders.

If we were to leave tomorrow the war would not be over. There would still be car bombings in Baghdad, riots in Najaf, and murders in Anbar.

Whenever I hear someone suggest that we need to get out I just think about this and this.

The victims of Lib defeatism and hatred are still roting in the soils of Asia, Africa, and South America. They should be ashamed of themselves.