Monday, June 04, 2007

Dick Cheney Definitions: Cheneypedia

We all love, or at least fear, Dick Cheney. Cheney has dabbled in many things. Here are some definitions:

1. Cheney Colostomy: The detonation of a 20 megaton warhead in the anus of a Muslim.

2. Cheney Long Division: When a judge cuts a disputed piece of personal property in half, eats one half, urinates on the other, then burns anyone who objects with a cigar.

3. Cheney Home video: snuff film.

4. Dick Cheney Snapple: The blood of the proletariat.

5. Cheney Promotion: Being the first person Dick Cheney eats on Passover.

6. Cheney Alka Seltzer: Molotov Cocktail

7. Cheney Toothpick: A Trident ICBM

8. Cheney E-mail: EMP

9. Dick Cheney Bar Mitzvah: Like a regular Bar Mitzvah, but with more blood, weeping, and sodomy.

10. Cheney Hole Punch: Chaingun.