Monday, July 23, 2007

Love, Chaos, and Repression in Zimbabwe

The chaos and destruction that Robert Mugabe has brought to Zimbabwe is tragic in both its scope and sadism.

Still, under all the strain placed on the country, the love between two people can defy even the genocidal outrages of a madman.

The story of Eugenia and her husband is inspirational.

The beatings, rapes, and mass murders of those who chose to marry some one from another ethnic group recalls some of the worst aspects of our own history.

Stories like this put our own society in harsh contrast. These people have suffered real oppression and deprivation, but have maintained a solid marriage. While here in the US, people leave their spouses and divorce for trivial reasons.

Maybe the common people of Zimbabwe understand the meaning of commitment and love better than the BoBos who rush to a divorce lawyer the moment they do not feel "fulfilled."

Zimbabwe is in dire straights and the situation is about to get worse with plans for further thefts of private property on the table.

I hope the people of this once prosperous nation will be free one day. It will not come with the old communist Mugabe around, but hopefully his successor will see the light.