Monday, July 30, 2007

Best pick up line ever

"Come on baby, the country needs you to put out."

Hat tip Drudge Report

Reviving the practices of Hitler's Germany, Putin's Russia is encouraging Russian youth to procreate at camp in order to continue the Russian race. The group responsible for this is known as "Nashi". They promote anti-democratic sentiment among Russian youth and ally with other groups that use racist propaganda to smear non-Russians. Nashi youths, behaving as the new Brownshirts, also harass dissenters and opponents with official sanction.

This should end well.

It has been painfully obvious for a while that Russia is returning to authoritarianism. They will never be Communist again, but mostly because the elites like the money and goods klepto-captialism provides.

The new Russia will be exactly like the old: big, belligerent, xenophobic, bellicose and armed to the teeth.

The Bear is not dead, it has just been hibernating for seventeen years.

The West does not pay much attention. Why care about an imperialistic, fascist, and expansionist Russia when you can call George Bush a Nazi and condemn America?

We will eventually pay attention, but not till an army full of Nashi youth march into the Sudetenland...I mean Estonia.