Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Further evidence of the dangers of socialized medicine

Ah socialized hospitals. Havens of bad service, dirty floors, poor quality care, and now terrorism.

As everyone knows now, the people who wanted to kill innocent women out for a night on the town and Scottish travels looking for a chance to tan their pasty skin hatched their scheme while working for the NHS.

This whole situation illustrates the complexity of the threat we face. Al Qaeda does not recruit from the poor peasant in the villages of Pakistan. It wants sophisticated operatives who can move about seamlessly in the West. They want people who know how to use a cell phone, email, and an ATM card, not a guy who gets excited when he sees his first flush toilet and attracts his neighbor's disdain by raising goats in his living room. Riots and revolts are the political tools of the lower class. Terrorism is the tool of the middle and upper class.

The fact that these people are well educated and supposedly better off shows that the poor Muslims are not the ones who we need to fear. We should fear those who know better. These are not ignorant people lashing out.

In many ways, these educated Muslim terrorists are much like the Libs in America. They have had the benefit of Western science, political theory, and economics, but still strain with every fiber of their being to over turn the very thing which makes them affluent. Whether it is calls for a global caliphate or a more equal distribution of wealth,the underlying psychology is the same.